Wedding jewellery has been an important part of every bride’s look. Every piece of bridal jewellery starting from the earrings, neckpieces, rings, bangles, maang tikkas, etc. is very important to make a bride feel complete and graceful on the most important day of life. Amongst all the statement pieces, one piece of jewellery that is mandatory part of every bride’s look is the Maang Tikka.

A maang tikka adds elegance and élan to a bride’s look and has evolved a lot in varied sizes and styles since its inception. There are a lot of intricate designs of maang tikkas available in the market place. Before you decide to buy a maang tikka, one should know about the various types of maang tikkas available:

Big pendant style


They actually cover a huge part of the forehead which gives a very different look and available in varied sizes and shapes. You ought to be confident to carry this one. Anyone who has a long face or a wide forehead can carry this one

Small pendant style



They are the most preferred choice for brides. They come in a variety of designs and shapes with stones and embellishments over it. It is well suited for all face types whether cylindrical or round or square shaped.


passa maang tikka

A passa is most probably worn by a Muslim bride and looks quite royal. It is hung on the left side of the forehead on to the hair and extends till the forehead. It can also be worn alongside a traditional small maang tikka at the centre. They come in a variety of designs and sizes with pearls or coloured stone embellishments over it.

One-strand Maang Tikka

onestrand mangtika

This maang tikka also known as a Matha Patti is a traditional statement piece for a south Indian bride. It looks quite traditional with two strands of jewellery that extends on the sides covering the whole forehead. Brides with a round face can carry this piece.

Multi strands Maang Tikka

multi strands

This maang tikka is quite similar to a one-strand maang tikka with the only difference between the two that the number of side strands attached to the maang tikka is more than one. This style of maang tikka looks extremely traditional and brides with a round or cylindrical face or someone with a wide forehead can opt for this one. They come in varied designs with embellishments to accentuate.



It is a statement piece worn by the Rajasthani brides. They look quite simple and elegant and round in shape covered with embellishment made of stones. It looks good and quite ethnic on women with a round face.

Side-swept maang tikka


This is a hot favourite amongst brides to be worn in various wedding functions. They have recently been in trend and young brides prefer these ones. This maang tikka is placed in the centre of the head and falls on the side of the forehead. They are an ideal choice for those who do not want a completely traditional look on their wedding.


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