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Susheel aka Prachi Tehlan fights with goons after getting kidnapped from Mandap…

He recently aired show on Star Plus, Ikyawann, created a buzz in its very first week. However, despite a unique concept and fabulous cast, it couldn’t manage to sustain its position among the top 5. The dipping TRPs led show makers to think out of the box, which fortunately turned out to be in their favour.

Finally, Susheel, played by Prachi Tehlan, is getting married and the trending hashtag #SusheelKiShaadi very well speaks of how much the viewers are excited.


It all started after well-known celebrities like VJ Bani, Nilu Yuleena Thapa and Richa Chadha took to micro-blogging sites to question the criteria that make a girl eligible for marriage.

Taking inspiration from the known figures, thousands of commoners came forth with tweets like “If my age is 35 then, am I #NotShaadiMaterial?”, “Just because a girl has more guy friends than just girl- friends!! Does that make her #NotShaadiMaterial!!”, “Is it wrong if am more comfortable in “western clothes” than “Indian wear”? Does that make me #NotShaadiMaterial?” etc.

Amidst the debate, Star plus brought a show that answered all the question, thereby proving that a girl does not need to follow the typical ideology to get tagged at ‘shaadi material’. The ever growing popularity of #SusheelKiShaadi was not only a hard-hitting reply to such questioning fingers but also, in turn, raised the TRP of the show.

And to further raise the excitement level, the makers have taken a decision to go beyond the league and show how a subtle looking bride turns into a fierce fighter after she gets kidnapped from the mandap.

Hopefully, the back to back attempts to retain the popularity will work and the show will manage to keep the viewers intact.


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