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India is a country of different weather ranging from hot summers to cool winters with different varieties of food and mock tail in every season. But we have to sure not to fizzle when summer starts to sizzle. Summer may be harsh to you with its firing hot temperature and lower you down, but we can give a big cheer to summer with super cool beverages, drinks and juices that will not only quench our thirst but also takes us to heaven. Taking fluid in summers is one of the most important  thing as it will prevent you from dehydration and makes you feel cool in blasting hot summer.

Following are the some of the Indian drinks which can be made easily at homes and are enjoyable to drink:

  1. Nimbu pani(Indian lemonade)– This is the cheapest and most used summer drink in India , this can be easily made with lemon, sugar and water and adding salt according to taste. Not only from the taste point of view but lemonade will also keeps you hydrated  and helps us in digestion.


  1. Tender coconut water– If you stay in a place where coconut water is easily available then you are blessed because it is one of the best and healthiest drink to beat the summer.


  1. Jaljeera– It is a little spicy Indian drink also uses as an appetizer ,it is one of the most popular drink available in India and will surely not bug your pocket much.


  1. Lassi– The drink is originated from the northern states of Punjab and Haryana in India which is basically made up of fresh yogurt that will rejuvenate your body to extent. A flavor choice adds up a interest among the populace


  1. Rooh afza– It is one of the well preferred drink of a India from  a long time. It is a healthy syrup which is made up of sweet refreshing rose that is commonly served with milk, ice cream, faluda etc.


  1. Aam panna– The drink is made using raw mangoes. The drink keeps you away from heat strokes and retain your body cool.


  1. Kokum sehrbat– The kokum fruit is handy mostly in goa, it is one of the ideal summer drink that keeps you away from heat and relive you in digestion.


So these are some of the refreshing drinks which will make your summer radiant and help you out to beat the heat.







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