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Sumitra Bhattarai Thapa of Nepal endowed the crown of beauty in Mr. Miss and Mrs. Evick India 2018

DelhiMr. Miss and Mrs. Evick India-2018, Sumitra Bhattarai Thapa of Nepal named entitled and triumph her the crown of beauty. Sumitra, who is associated with a small town in Nepal, is also a national player of Kabbadi with a promising student. Seeing social tension from childhood and being affected, it is always her desire to do something for poor children. With her studies ,Sumitra took the initiative to teach the children of her village for free and there comes a time when even each and every person of her village became literate.at one time. Sumitra also introduced many elderly people of the village to the school of knowledge. Sumitra Bhattarai Thapa, who always had a dream of becoming doctor, outlined the program related to sanskrit in the village and introduced it to the people. Sumitra explained the baricio of theater to children by doing Street plays with the children. After the separation of parents at the age of 14, the dream of becoming a doctor remained incomplete. Sumitra got married in a very young age of 15 years. Sumitra’s husband lived in Delhi, so she too had to come to Delhi. After coming to the new place, she faced a little trouble regarding the language and the lifestyle but she adjusted herself very well. Taking  big dreams in her heart, Sumitra soon  gave birth to a daughter and a son, then she suppressed her dreams for the sake of children. But the saying is that people who have a tendency to do something, can not suppress their grief for a long time, and it’s the same  with Sumitra. When the children grew up, she thought of bringing their art and beauty back to the platform once again and this dream was crowned on the stage of the Miss Miss and Mrs. India aweek-2018.. After making her name in the Indo-Indian Educational India 2018 Taj, Sumitra presented an example that if there is a desire to do something in the mind then the age barrier can not be created. Sumitra, who had won the wild card by joining the competition, represented Nepal and on one hand raised the honour of her country. On the other hand, she has been an ideal  for Nepali people living in India.
At present, Sumitra Bhatatarai Thapa spends time in social work. At this time, Sumitra raises the cost of teaching for many poor children as well as  started her education which had been abandoned 25 years ago. Sumitra’s dream is that she would open a School in which thousands of poor children can read free. Sumitra has great affection for the elderly, only then she keeps on serving the elderly by visiting Biroodshram from time to time.

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