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Success for me is being myself: Shama Sikander

Congratulations for your last release web series ‘Maaya’. So what are the things you learnt from your character in that series?

Maaya is all about expecting/loving your decriers, taking out the fear of being judged by the family or society. Luckily, I have always been the person who never fears from society. And as time has passed by, I am not ashamed of myself on who I am and I love myself. Maaya has given me more courage to accept it.

Do you equate happiness with success? fullsizerender-3

See, the term success has various different meanings in your life. Success is not anything wrong. For you being successful could be being the best in your career. For me being successful is being myself. In that way, yes! I’m super successful. Because whatever I do I find me first then anything else.

Is there anything you like or dislike about this industry?

What I like about this industry is you get to meet so many different kinds of people. There is no any job in the world better than this at least for me. Because this is the only job, where you can have fun, you can be a different person in one life and you get paid for it, you get to travel the whole world. The only thing I dislike is in spite of being so vast it is very small at times. You get so stuck in this world that you don’t understand that there is life beyond this and life has much more to offer than this.

We all know about the condition you went through in the past couple of years. So what changes you see in yourself after that black phase of your life?

Everything has changed. I don’t remember much thing from my past life and it’s really funny. So many people meet me and say oh! How are you? They meet as like they know me before or have spent time with me but I have no recollection of that. Sometimes I feel embarrassed that I must know them probably. It is a genuine thing in my life that I have completely washed out. There are rarely few moments that I remember. I am a completely different person now; a fearless one, you can’t scare me with. I am limitless I believe in myself and I know that I can do so many things. That’s why the whole world around me is changing, ideology about me is changing and I attracted that because I wanted the whole world to say that about me. I wanted to be fearless, I wanted to be the person who is unbeatable, I wanted to be the boss. And I’m moving closer to my desire because I believed in my desire and I was so clear about it. If people stop putting fears in you, you would be aware of yourself, about your likings and desires.

img_0171Who has been your inspiration?

Honestly, everybody inspires me. People who are doing right things inspire me, people who are doing wrong thing inspire me. Everybody has their own quality and only if you are observant enough you will see that whichever post a person is working at has something to inspire you.

You are a talented dancer, actor and singer. So what you find most interesting among them?

Dancing would be the first choice because it actually comes effortlessly from me. When it comes to acting, I don’t think I work hard to get into my character, it’s a blessing. I am a fast learner. I never read my scripts, I just tell my assistant to read it for me and somehow the dialogues fit into my brain. So only these two things, singing is inaccurate for me.

What is your fitness mantra?

My fitness mantra is keeping my mind healthy because I have realized that keeping your body healthy is very easy in comparison to keeping the mind healthy. So I eat things that keep me happy, I do things that keep me happy.

You are also running a brand ‘Saisha’ can you tell me something about that.

I love fashion, I love wearing good stuff. So my friend used to push me because I had a good fashion sense. They say why don’t to have your own brand? I said OK, it’s a fullsizerender-5good idea let me try once. So I gave it a try and that’s what Saisha is. I think I have a brain that has so many talents and I got it from my mother because she is very good in making clothes and designing stuff for home. I don’t have a particular store because of so many liabilities but I make clothes for my friends and clients and for myself.

What are your future plans?

My future plan is I wanna try for big films this year. I have already finished one film and want to start shooting for the other because I can’t wait to work for the other one. I also want to do something where people can talk to me and share their problems.

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