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Roleplay of multi-star cast in upcoming movie ‘Baadshaho’


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Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta ( Dalia and Sanjana)

Dalia is quirky, He is mad, He is fun. He infuses a bit of volatility into the group. He is kind of a person who has been brought in the group because he thinks like a thief. He is very procreative wheeler-Dealer. He loves women. He is a skirt chaser and also he loves guns, action. He is also bottom-line paranoid. He is for some reason an any instance feels that whenever is a plan being made he will remove the negative points and tells that these are the reasons that plans go wrong and sometimes that taken by the group as a valid point when they are making a plan and sometimes they brush him away thinking that he is too paranoid. So he got different shades but I think for the audience it will evolve through the two hours. Dalia will be like in the beginning scene he will be one kind of person to you, he might evolve or then he might change your perceptions towards what Dalia is as a person from the film. And he is constantly after Sanjana (Esha Gupta), He wants to vow her but they belong to the completely different background. She is Maharani and he is a street smart Roh. So they can’t make a match and that’s the beauty of the movie. It’s a chemistry which is very complicated as well as real.

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Eleana D’souza and Ajay Devgan (Gitanjali and Bhawani)

Geetanjali as a character is a very complicated person very layered person so yes there are some lovely moments with Ajay Devgan as Bhawani and he is a massive influence in her life someone who trusts simplicity. And the equation Gitanjali and Bhawani sharing in the movie is actually very tricky.

Ileana added that there are traits of Gitanjali which are similar to her own personality may be the stubbornness.

-Interviewed by Shruti Gautam at Le Meridian, New Delhi.