Retd Lt. Dr. Rita Gangwani

Rita Gangwani holds the unique distinction of being the first lady army officer from Himachal to join the MNS core in the Indian Army. Albeit her stint could not last the full term due to family pressure, she managed to leave an indelible mark in the minds of all her colleagues and seniors with not just her accomplishments, but with her vivaciousness. Leaving Army after merely a period of seven years was not an easy task as it meant giving up on her childhood dream of serving the nation in uniform. However her doting husband’s suggestion that the capital city would enable her plethora of meaningful career related opportunities found resonance with her. Thus she could finally manage to get over the emotional trauma of saying goodbye to something that she had always cherished as a youngster.

No sooner did she leave Army than began her fervent quest to explore an apt professional career for her alongside managing her family life. Thanks to her obsession with the ‘olive green uniform’, the former lieutenant from Indian Army was keen to foray into an avenue where she could remain connected to the glorious virtues of ‘fauj’ in some capacity, or the other. Thus, after much pondering, deliberations, and subsequent brainstorming sessions with her husband, she finally decided to turn into a ‘Personality development mentor’ with special emphasis on discipline and etiquettes. However being one meant that she too had to undergo various sorts of training modules and crash courses in order to impart a well formulated, comprehensive training program to countless of people aspiring to groom their personality for enhancing their career prospects.

Delving into the nostalgia, Rita shares, “It might sound an ageless cliché, but I feel proud saying that you can take a fauji out of fauj, but it’s impossible to take the fauji out of an ex-service person. Meaning in simpler terms, that once an individual has undergone the regimented fauji training in life, he or she will continue to live with the same old ideologies and discipline for the rest of their lives. Being no exception, I too have been living with the same golden ethos of fauj that got permanently entrenched in me during my brief seven year stint with the Indian Army. I had to quit Army on purely compassionate grounds since I had ailing parents to look after in Delhi, besides managing my household after marriage.

Opting out of fauj by no standard, meant that I was bracing myself for the role of a full fledged homemaker since I was resolute to continue with my professional pursuits once I leave Army. I could have well continued with Army had it not been for the regular postings that faujis are subjected to, after every two years in one particular city. As my family needed my physical presence, I knew I had to make the toughest decision of my life. Humbly putting, I wasted no time in settling down as a professional Personality Development Mentor (PDM). While it may seem a usual run of the mill profession, let me elucidate that I have innovated the role of a PDM by adding novel dimensions to this fascinating industry of grooming people.”

Adds she, “I specialize in Life coaching, Pageant coaching, Scientology, Dynatics, Tea cup reading, Tarot, Candle Magick, Chios Energy, Reiki, Face and Body reading, Handwriting analysis, Color healing, Dr Silva’s Ultramind ESP system, Neuro Linguistic Programming besides being a motivational speaker. I have been an expert as well as a jurist for many prestigious national and international beauty pageants and contests. I have trained many aspiring models and contestants, some of whom have gone on to represent India at various very prestigious pageants and contests all over the world. Besides writing for magazines and newspapers, I am a regular on TV as a motivational speaker. I have recently made my debut in Bollywood with a film titled ‘Delhi in a Day’ and launched my book as a successful author.

For her outstanding accomplishments, Rita has been honored on numerous occasions year after year. Some of the decorations which need a mention are Lored Beden Powell National award by the President of India, Journalists national award, Rajiv Gandhi Lifetime achievement award, Indian Icon, Aaadhi abadi, Jewel of India and many more. She is also designated as one of the top ten Thinkers of India by MTC global.

I am born and bought up in Shimla ( Himachal Pradesh) I was often ridiculed for being short heighted right from my student days. Monikers like ‘mini road rollers’ and ‘pocket sized’ that I was regularly showered with, were extremely distressing. Blessing in disguise, these unholy bestowing’s ended making me mentally tough, and thus made me all the more determined to do something different and extra-ordinary. Besides academic achievements, the crowning moment came when I got selected as the first lady officer from Himachal Pradesh to join the MNS core in Indian Army. I was given a rousing reception by my Alma mater for bringing rich laurels to the institution. My joy knew no bounds when the same bunch of old comrades that once scorned me, gave me a standing ovation before a packed house. That was the time when I can ecstatically proclaim that the wheel came the full circle for me, and the rest as they say, is history.

“Sky is my limit, and I can assure that the best is yet to come. It has been my innate desire to transform the lives of seekers that need nurturing so that they too can turn their shortcomings into their strengths like the way I did, with sheer hard work and direction. Presently, I am enjoying the success of my authored book- “ The Beauty Pageants greenroom- an Ultimate grooming Bible” fore worded by former Miss Universe Miss Shushmita sen, enjoying the success of my prodigies as Miss teen Universe and present FBB Femina Miss India, and giving the final touches to my newly upgraded workshops that will play a pivotal role in helping seekers break new glass ceilings. I have absolutely no qualms citing my own experiences and weaknesses before the students as being candid alone holds the key to striking a chord with the young minds.”

Who is your motivation? My biggest motivations are my critics. They have taught me how to identify my flaws and to

accept myself as I am. Their criticism acts like fuel to me to raise my own bench mark every time.

How to overcome demotivation through our life? • Always accept the fact that no one is perfect in this world, anyone who appears to be perfect will have another perfect person on top….and have another and so on!!

• Never ever compare yourself!! Unfortunately, when we start comparing ourselves, we only look and focus on our bad qualities while focusing on the good ones of another!! Change the view backwards. Look for positive in yourself and flaws in others and realize that everyone is a combination of good and bad. You are no different.

• Always be patient and never stop working hard on your goals . Success found through shortcuts is never a lasting one. Success comes dressed in the clothing of hard work. It’s easy to become successful but very difficult to maintain it. Keep up with times.

• Always read an inspirational autobiography before going to bed. Biographies of people who are successful in their life. Learn their mind map and follow it.

Bounce back from failures like a football. The harder you hit it to the ground the faster it bounces back and that too with more ferocity.

How do you have balance in your personal as well as professional life?

Just like a professional environment, even in my personal life, Teamwork is the key for me. We all do our share and if unable to do, we delegate it to another family member. Each person understands responsibility and we give space to each other for their growth and independence.

Our Thoughts demotivate us while we are trying to achieve something. Howcan we outlook into it?

The human brain doesn’t understand words. When someone says,” you can’t-do this!!” we start creating an image in our mind and start visualizing ourselves as failure. The negative pictures stored starts playing like a video reel and the negative comments of others keep echoing in our brain when we are out to achieve something. My advice is to become deaf to these psychological suicide bombers. Believe in yourself and keep focusing on the results rather than the journey.Reprogram yourself and . Recycle your mind every night.

How to overcome stress? Meditation is the way out!! Meditation rejuvenates your energies. You learn how to better understand our internal self, and observe how it coincides with our external self. You will be more passive and thoughtful as opposed to more aggressive and irrational.

How to overcome yourself from your past?

In Hindi, past is called “ Bhutkal”. Bhut means ghosts. No one should carry the ghosts of the past them. We don’t want them in the present. Every day is a new day. Get rid of the old baggage and move on! Stress makes some people break down and some people to break records so it’s up to you how you deal with your emotional baggage. Things change, season change…. Nothing lasts forever. Remember , “ This too shall pass. Who doesn’t go through failures, setbacks, and challenges? We all do. In fact, after you get through this challenging time, you will have more to come in the future. Although that sounds pessimistic, it’s also reality. Those who succeed in life and get what they want as well as those who are the most happiest aren’t people who never face difficulties. If anything, they probably deal with more challenges than most people. The thing that makes them different is how they respond and react to those obstacles.

My parting words to the readers are, ‘“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. Your life is your message to the world. Make it inspiring”.


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