The rainy season has arrived, the change in weather makes changes in your wardrobe too, which is worth for girls as they are crazy for shopping. So it’s time to restyle the wardrobe with few addition and subtraction in the clothing. We have some healthy tips that can make your look graceful in this season and help you to gain more attraction. To start with restyling, avoid white in monsoon and set it in back in the cupboard. Use bright colors like royal blue and if bright colors are not your cup of tea, you can go for fluorescent orange, pink and neon colors. They are eye pleasing and also in the trend nowadays.


What to wear?

Say a big no to ‘denims’ or any other fabric which is hard to dry; they take long time to dry up which is very uncomfortable to carry as carrying wet clothes can lead to many diseases and allergies. If you are addicted to denims then carry light weight denims and cut it shot and transform it into hot denim shorts and flaunt your sexy long legs with off shoulder tops.


From summer collection, let the cotton dominate your wardrobe. There are different cotton fabrics depending upon your attire, select the one. Wear short dresses and let your body feel the rain drops.

Take care of accessories

Not only your attires but your accessories also need to get changed. Start carrying long bags or slings so that you can have monsoon musts. A simple long transparent raincoat is must. Transparent because it will help you show off your dresses. If not raincoat, umbrella can be used. A nice umbrella also gives a good impression.



Choose your footwear smartly.

An appropriate pair of footwear is must in this season. Flip- flops are the best choice as they are made of rubber which is easy to dry and comfortable is too. Various designs and colours are available for flip-flops. Rain boots are also preferable. Avoid canvas and sports shoes as once they get wet it will take a whole day to dry out. You should also avoid heels.


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