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Losing weight from lower body people find it difficult, especially women as they have fatty tissues more around the area of buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

Men and women store fat in different parts of their body, in women’s body the fat is mainly easily stored in lower body and arms because of scientific reasons whereas in men’s body fat stored in their belly and neck area.

But don’t worry through some exercises the lower fat can easily be loosed. But just doing walking , running and some cardio exercises are not enough for this you have do some exercises which mainly done for losing weight from lower body.

Some exercises are:

  1. Squats


Squats are the most important exercise for lower body. It burns the fat easily, and if it is done by pulling weights it helps more as it engages your lower back, upper back and arms. It targets the muscle of buttocks and thighs. It also helps in strengthen the bones, ligaments and tendons of whole lower body.

2. Lunges


Lunges need proper balance and poster of your body. It looks simple and easy but you need to balance your body properly. Lunges help in ton up your thighs and buttocks.

It should done under the experts initially and once you get it then you can do it by your own and you can do it anywhere in your home or gym.

  1. Skipping rope 


Although skipping helps in overall weight loss, but when we talk about lower body toning or weight loss we cannot ignore skipping it helps in strengthen are leg bones and ligament , help in giving proper shape to our lower body.

10 minutes of skipping is equal to 45 min of run. It burns the calories quickly.


Including walking, running, and cardio you should do these exercises too to lose weight easily and diet control is must to.



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