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The television is a medium of showing the reality in a story, concept, drama and entertainment form. We all are aware of the fact that we believe in what we see. We avoid that the things made for television is just for entertaining the viewers but what about the reality shows are they really based on reality? The dance music and many more shows are conceptual on real talent which give them platform to go through auditions from different part of countries and telecast their talents, but somehow the story behind it is very different.


 There are many shows like Dance India Dance, Indian Idol and big boss these all are popular shows which earns high TRP and have huge viewers people randomly try to get in the show anyhow because these shows give the fame, recognization and money.The shows like Roadies,Khatron Ke Khiladi and Splitsvilla full of drama and the things which we never thought in our mind, they design the show in that pattern that they will shock the audience mind and leave the effects of doing something out of box and daring proving their will power and strength.

They don’t know even that it will help them for the future or not and nobody knows the whole truth behind the success of the reality shows. Lets take an example of “Big boss” this have a good fan following because of the host itself is “SALMAN KHAN” but many viewers hate the show as it shows the negative things and abusive language which effects the young and the old generation just for sake of money and TRP they do every possible things to make their show no one from emotions to drama  and slang to expose. The reality shows are never based on reality or it does we will never get to know in whole of our life.


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