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Rahul Gandhi going to get married soon: SOURCES

Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi’s marriage has been fixed it is believed that soul mate have been found. Sources said that congress vice president will marry in this year, in the month of august in Allhabaad Ananad Bhawan.  Both Sonia and Rahul want this occasion to takes place in Uttar Pradesh.

Previous month Sonia visited to  Allhabaad. It is said that this was one of the political visit but later on things came out which revealed the truth that visit was a part of the marriage arrangement affair. Mother Sonia Gandhi chooses a Brahamin girl to be her daughter-in-law. According to the sources girl family is said to be very close relative of one of the late Rajeev Gandhi’s officer, and this official had made efforts to fix the marriage.

It is also been said that congress president Sonia Gandhi wants this marriage to happen in Uttar Pradesh keeping 2017 elections in mind so that they can deliver the message of having deep roots still in Uttar Pradesh, so that they can get good reaction in upcoming elections.

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