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Poorna: Journey of the youngest girl to scale Mount Everest


Poorna is a film directed by actor cum director Rahul Bose. He returned to direction after a long break of 15 years. His directorial debut was Everybody says I’m Fine! Which was released in the year 2002.

Poorna is the biopic of a 13-year old Adivasi girl Poorna Malavath (Aditi Inamdar) who belongs from Telengana. The film depicts her journey to climb Mount Everest at a very young age. In fact, she is the youngest Indian girl to climb the highest peak (Mount Everest) at the age of 13 year and 10 months. The film dwells upon the life, education and struggle of this little girl from her destiny.

Born to a poor family, Poorna was destined for child marriage. With no dreams in eyes, she accepted what the destiny has planned for her. Even she took the punishment to sweep school’s corridors when her father was unable to pay her school fees.  But as we say ‘where there is will there is a way’, she got the way to a community school with the help of her cousin Priya (S. mariya). There she got an opportunity to learn rock climbing with other children of her school.

Under proper guidance of her mentor Dr. R S Praveen Kumar (Rahul Bose) and struggle, poorna made her way to Mount Everest.

The movie clearly breaking the ceiling and inspire women to move ahead just like the tagline of the film ‘Ladkiyan Kuch bhi Kar sakti hain (Girls can do anything)’