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“Making the “Simple, awesomely simple, yet Elegant and Classy, that’s Creativity” and that’s the magic of “Lambent creations– by Pooja Juneja…Simply creative designer Jewelry”.Pooja’s designs are based on bio mimicry, taking inspiration from Gods immaculate genesis to produce adornments of the very Special kind for her discerning patrons. Her Jewelry fills the chasm between traditional Indian & modern stylish jewelry.


Her collections are an eclectic mix of traditional Indian motifs and western design sensibility. She unwaveringly aspires to merge craft tradition with modern technology to produce jewellery which is not just fanciful experimentation but scores well on aesthetic principles, color theory and material responsibility.
Her differentiator is a blend of Nature and Creativity. Each of her piece is a balance of Utility and Beauty.  She is able to achieve this by very careful observation of physical balances found in nature. In each and every jewel, she tries to have Design elements balance in a way that looks completely natural and unforced.


For her, each piece is much more than a Jewel and tells a story of it’s own. This incredible design sense, accentuated by her unwavering focus on superior Craftsmanship and high quality raw material results in Jewellery which is very Cosmopolitan and appeals to Patrons in India and abroad. The focus on excellent craftsmanship an superior manufacturing, has led to her receiving appreciation for her jewels as not only fine pieces of art but also for their engineering.Educated at the Kazuko Araki School of DesignJapan and a gemologist from IGI, Pooja is an achiever in her own right, crediting her soaring success to her passion for perfection in whatever she chooses to do.


The main principle that she adopted for life, which can be attributed to her Design education from Japan, is “Kanketsu”Kanketsu stresses that True Simplicity is often achieved through a complex process. It is a concept deeply rooted in Zen philosophy of acceptance and letting go. To reach the stage that Leonardo Da Vinci so aptly described in the saying “Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”.With a bachelors in mathematics and a masters degree in marketing from Delhi University, Pooja was always focused at being an entrepreneur….. and a good one at that. She is one of the four members of the Prestigious all India panel of designers for MMTC and is also a visiting faculty and jury at NIFT.


Lambent is a very research oriented studio, which helps it remain ahead of the curve. Not only does the team take up their own research projects, but they also present at and attend Design, Technology and Business related conference in the field of Fashion and Jewellery. Pooja has been acknowledged as a thought leader in the field of Fashion, Design, Jewellery and Retail by various institutes like GJEPC, NIFT, FICCI and GIA.
In 2012 she was honored with the “Entrepreneurship Award” by Sh Jyotiraditya Scindia, then state Minister of Commerce for her work and contribution to the field of jewelry.


She is a very proud and passionate entrepreneur. She strongly feels that a business venture is an extension of the founder and another way of expressing what one is and what one stands for. And so she would love to see more women starting their own ventures, to express themselves in the society.
In 2013 she participated in IIJW Delhi. Out of around twenty participants, most were big Jewellery chains and Pooja was one of the three independent design studios that participated in the show. Her Ramp show was one of the most highly attended ramp shows. Her collection and presentation was very well appreciated.


Pooja holds private solo collection launch exhibitions twice a year to display her flamboyant and undying effervescent style and bling which can be passed down generations and along with it some heart touching memories.
For Pooja, every day which starts with the search for perfection, given that she is such a stickler for perfection, ends with a  tranquil acceptance of Wabi Sabi – Nothing lasts, Nothing is finished. Nothing is perfect.

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