Pokemon GO’s international launch pulled up

The all new video game, ‘Pokemon GO’, for Android and IOS users, based on the fascinating concept of augmented reality has become immensely popular. Due to the huge admiration for the game, the developer of the video game, Niantic, has been facing server issues because of which the international launch in many countries has been paused temporarily. The game hit the number 1 place on Apple’s App store within a day. For now it is available in US, New Zealand and Australia, where the gamers can use GPS and camera in their smartphones in search of new Pokémons and capture them!

The Niantic CEO, John Hanke, said that the suspension is done to give the developer more time to add more capacity in the server to let more and more users participate in the game. He also said that he expected the game to get noticed and be played mostly by the 90s’ kids but didn’t expect to gain as much popularity to crash the servers.

Let’s hope for the continuation of the promotion and launch of the game soon to relive our childhood.


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