Nissan and BMW gaze to amalgamate Formula E

The Formula E championship has evoked stumbling interest all over the world. Though it recently revealed that in this coming season that will take place in July only, the elevated class of the competition for the electrically powered competing cars is now being examined by many car engineers as a feasible means of expanding motorsport operations. Recent news claims that Nissan and BMW are the latest names to join the list.

Sources revealed that both Nissan and BMW are in talking terms with the current teams as they both want to make their way to be the part of the next season. BMW has already involved indirectly with the Formula E. Since the sequence inception, the Munich-based producer has provided i8 as the safety car and i3 as the medical car.

Nissan’s amalgamation with the sequence is peripheral; Renault, the Japanese producer’s French partner, provided the Spark-Renault STR_01E, the car used in the initial season. All in all Nissan still needs to work on things along with Renault to compete in the coming series. Last year Jens Marquardt, BMW Director (motorsport) had regulated out the probability of the producer’s participation in the session due to the implementation of reciprocating cars in the mid-race. The German automaker is doubtful to change his mind till the session comes to an end.

Since Federation International del’ Automobile (FIA) has already committed 10 teams for the third season, the two producers will partner up with the current teams if they aim to participate. Although straight participation in the Formula E session will fulfil to not only endorse for their dedication to electric vehicles, but also exhibit each brand’s efficiency and advancement expansion of electric vehicles.


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