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A big question mark for very housewife, what new and interesting they can make in snack time. Kids and husbands always demand for something interesting and tasty snacks.

So take you out from this problem here we have a mouthwatering dish for you which you can try in your snacks. Generally rajma/ kidney beans is all time favorite of kids, we all enjoy rice with rajma, but here we have another dish which can be made through rajma i.e. “RAJMA KEBAB”

This is another aspect of rajma you can make kebab of rajma, and the specialty of the dish is you can not only present it only in snacks you can also serve it as a starter in your house parties. The procedure of preparing rajma kebab is little time taking as rajma take time to cook.

Let’s take a look to its recipe:

Step1.  Soak ½ cup rajma in enough water overnight and drain out all the water next day and rinse the rajma in running water.

Step2. Put rajma in a pressure cooker and add ¼ teaspoon salt to it and pressure cook it till the rajma get soften very well.

Step3. After they are pressure cooked drain out the rest over water and keep the rajma aside.

Step4. Take a boiled potato and mash it, after this put all the rajma in the same pan and mash it with potato with a masher and make a fine paste of both, and keep it aside.

Step5. Add 2 to 3 spoon oil in a pan put fine chopped onion in it and saute them till it get translucent or little brownish.

Step6. Add ½ tablespoon ginger garlic paste or chopped ginger and some cloves of garlic, saute it till the aroma of ginger and garlic goes away.

Step6. Put 2 tablespoon gram flour in the paste and saute it in a low flame.

Step7. Add ¼ teaspoon chili powder, ¼ teaspoon turmeric, and ¼ garam masala, mix it very well.

Step8. Mix this paste of onion and spices with mashed rajma and potato paste, add ½ tablespoon lemon juice to it or as you required. Taste the paste and add the spices if it is required.

Step8.  Shape them in small balls and then flatten them.

Step9. Add little oil in a pan add put these kebab into it and let them fry little they get a golden color and after that flip them and fry it from another side.

After this your rajma kebab is ready to serve, you can serve it with chili garlic sauce, or pudhina chutney.


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