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Most Gruesome Deaths in Game Of Thrones so far.



The season 7 of our beloved show Game Of Thrones is here. With the first episode already out, the fans are going gaga all over the internet. The show that swept the ground from right beneath our feet (and blasted the roof from right above Margaery) has its good and bad but when it comes to GOT, sometimes the worst is the best. We have ranked the most gruesome deaths of Game of Thrones that we have witnessed so far.


10) Talisa Stark: Robb Stark’s wife, the mother to her unborn heir, Talisa Stark was the love of the King in the North. The pregnant beauty was stabbed in the stomach by the Freys, killing her and the Star Heir.

9) Joffrey Baratheon: One of the most hated characters in the show world, Joffrey was poisoned at his own wedding. He died in his mother’s arms as his face turned purple in the aptly named Purple Wedding. With his nose bleeding and mouth frothing, his death was hard to look at but extremely satisfying.

8) The Guy Who Mocked Cersie: Everyone knows the Mountain 2.0’s loyalty to Cersei. When this Flea Bottom resident cracked inappropriate jokes after Cersie’s walk of atonement, his death was no laughing matter. The way his brain gets stuck to the wall. *shudders*

7) Catelyn Stark: Another victim of the Red Wedding, the mother figure of the show, Catelyn Stark was killed with her throat wide open.She had just seen her whole family die right infront of her eyes, she couldn’t even fight her death. The whole scene was a bit too much for the people but the tables turned during this episode. Her throat was cut so deep, blood sprayed out from her wound.

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6)Walder Frey: Walder Frey met the same end as Catelyn Stark, by having his throat slit. His death was extremely satisfying especially since our beloved Arya Stark cut open the grumpy old man’s neck. But the real deal was the Pie served to Walder Frey right before his death with a tasty filling of his two sons’ body. *YUCK*

5 Ros: The beautiful prostitute from Winterfell was handed over to our favourite sadist of all time, King Joffrey by Littlefinger. The fate was as expected. It was even hard to look at the screen when Ros was hung with arrows going through her whole body.

4) Margaery Tyrell, High Sparrow and hundreds of thousand other: The deaths here were not gruesome per se, but this act of Cersie goes to show her insanity and determination to win. Cersei burnt the whole Sept of Baelor with thousands of people locked inside using the magical wildfire that can burn anything from wood to steel and destroy cities, like she did.

3) Viserys Targaryen: No doubt, this character had it coming. This was probably the first death of the show that got us squirming and it was well deserved. The cling of the metal when he falls to the ground was a sound we could hear for days after the episode. A CROWN FOR A KING.

2) Ramsay Bolton: I don’t know who I hate more, Ramsay or Joffrey but I am sure I know whose death I loved more. Ramsay got a taste of his own medicine, chewed alive by his blood hounds, Ramsay had his death coming for a gazillion reasons. After being defeated by Jon in the Battle, he was finally killed by his beasts as Sansa watched, satiated.

10) Oberyn Martell: This has to be on the top of our list just because of how disturbing this scene was. Oberyn Martell was a great character, we were in awe of him at first sight but his death was incomparable to any other on the show. The man’s face was squished like a tomato. This doesn’t get worse(or better).

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