““Mirage of everlasting memories…an Indian wedding story”” of Model Himanshu Bhasin

“Mirage of everlasting memories… an Indian wedding story”



Destination weddings are the new vogue to make it special, amongst the effluents. The grandeur and uniqueness of a destination wedding whilst done is style, becomes an epic memory for not only the Bride and Groom, but for everyone who is a part of it.


Places like ‘’Udaipur” and “’Jaisalmer’’ are favourite places for such weddings. Royal Palaces, Day Blue Skies, Starry nights and the Colors of Rajasthan leaves no stone unturned to add to the niche and the class apart feeling one gets in it.


“’the fairytale…of Suryagarh”

Like a utopian royal love story, the wedding had begin, wherein the bride and the groom are like the Royalty, and the guests are like people who have come to attend a classy festival at the Fort. Imagine a true romantic love song, where there are happy people, dance, music and a theme, which progresses like journey of the beloved soul mates.


Not just a ceremony, this was like an entertainment package and a sheer visual delight for every guest. Away from the hustle and bustle of city venues this seemed to be a private affaire with selected guest list. The expertise of wedding planner and the openness to accept his planning by the families is the obvious recipe behind such great event, wherein every ceremony is detailed like we never knew about it, till I attended just any other regular wedding.


A beautiful sunny day was like a message from the Gods, for they have blessed the couple on the fortunate day. Enchanting folk music adding to the Aura of the venue.  A royal palace with earthy fragrances.  Chimes of cheering wine glasses and motley of world cuisine gourmet…I am short of words to describe this very posh wedding.  A white theme decoration was just garnishing it like a surreal dream.

There are no words to describe this exquisite fairytale wedding at Suryagarh. A beautiful memory for the Bride Groom and their respected families. An everlasting moment, which won’t repeat at any cost for it has to be lived only once for a lifetime. And its worthiness was made sure out here. One has to be there to feel it….

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