Medley of abstract designs by Wrap Studio

With the onset of chilly winters, it’s time to bring out the warm clothes. Stoles and scarves are the most versatile fashion staples quintessential for every fashion connoisseur. Wrap Studio presents their latest collection where each stole/shawl narrates a story albeit in an offbeat manner through abstract art and vibrant pop of colours.


Available in myriad of colours, the range is perfect for young and stylish people who wish to add a burst of colour to the grey and sombre winter days. With the unique element of double side printed stoles, Wrap studio creates a mark for itself. Amalgamating the traditional heritage rich fabrics and styles with modern, new-age designs, the brand presents an eclectic collection of laud worthy stoles. The beauty of these stoles lies in their versatility of merging seamlessly with both ethnic and western attire and standing out when the need be.


Mr Siddharth Saigal, Owner, Wrap Studio says, “My motive is to give a chic look to any attire and a new twist through these stoles. These pieces are bespoke art, customized to suit an individual’s distinct personality and stand out among the masses. The extremely fine nature of the material used and the meticulous hand painted designs makes each signature stole a keepsake for generations. Labelled as a luxury item, these stoles deliver panache to any outfit and look royal at the same time.”


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Availability: The Wrap Studio, 116A, Shahpur Jat, Near Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi

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