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MAKING PLANS FOR HALLOWEEN? Get ready for first ever Halloween themed laser tag war !

This year on Halloween why not do something out of the box. Have you ever seen ‘Jon Snow fighting with Superman? or Wonder woman pointing a gun at Anabelle? Or Dead pool killing Justin Bieber? Sounds interesting, right?

All this with much more surprising and interesting things can happen near you this Halloween in a laser tag competition. Ditch your conventional way of celebrating Halloween night this time and head on to Oh My Game in Phase 2, Gurgaon for some out of the box gaming experiences.

This Halloween, not just look special, but play special !

The Halloween falls on October 31, and make it an unforgettable night with spooky themed laser tag competition. Because of the busy schedule of Metroites, most of them will be celebrating Halloween on the weekend at 28th October. Bring in your friends to the Laser Tag Gaming Centre for a Halloween themed Laser Tag competition that will truly be an enriching experience. The laser tag arena boasts of a playful battleground, where you will be given a gun (that fires harmless infrared beams) and a sensor headband. You would have to shoot at the opponents’ headbands to win. To win, you have to survive the battle. Isn’t that interesting?

The fun fact is that the concept of laser tag emanated from the Star Trek Electronic Phaser. It is a space-themed, highly complex and a not-easy-to-fathom maze that will take you to a fancy world and features really fine sound and light system that transports you to another universe altogether. Quick strategy, quick action and quick reflexes are all what needed.

You really need to do your research and map every corner before entering this laser tag arena, as the low light environment makes it almost impossible.

Quick tip: Fire as soon as somebody throws a light on you and scare them as much as you can, So, “HAUNT AND SHOOT”!

Come on over on Halloween this year with your friends and family to OMG in Gurgaon and let your freak flag fly high!


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