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For a girl simple or basic makeup is must. A good makeup can boost up your confident as when you look good you feel good which gives you satisfaction and further it makes you look confident. For this you don’t have to spend much time and money, few simple steps can give you gorgeous look.

Starting up with makeup follow these steps:

  1. First rinse your face, as skin need to be clean so that make up blends in properly.
  2. Apply sunscreen or any moisturizer which do contains the quality of sunscreen because it’s important to protect your skin from UV rays as it damages your skin. Properly apply it on your kin in circular motion
  3. Apply makeup primer if you have

If you’ll be wearing eyeliner or eyeshadow, add some primer to your eyelids and the space underneath your eyebrows. General makeup primer usually works fine in these areas. However, more gentle primers designed especially for eyelids are also available.

  1. Next step is foundation if you want u can apply foundation but using foundation every day is not a wise idea as it create a fake image of you and hides your natural beauty .you can use concealer to hide dark area underneath your eyes.
  2. A basic compact or face powder can be applied to give a glow to the skin and little bit brighten up your skin tone
  3. After this you want your cheeks to look little pinkish apply blush or the easiest way is just dap your lip color your cheeks and smudge it properly it will give a natural color to your cheeks
  4. In end put your lip color weather lipstick gloss or a simple lip balm


After doing all this you are ready for daily outing.


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