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Kill obesity before it kills you

Obesity is defined as a condition when there is excess storage of fat in our body. You are affected with obesity when your body weight 20% or above the BMI. If someone eats more food required by his body it leads to obesity. Obesity is mostly common in western countries and with the higher income group in India. Following are some of the home remedies which will help to reduce weight.

  • Cabbage- It is one of the excellent home remedy to lose weight, tartaric acid which is present in cabbage stops the conversion of carbohydrates and sugar into fat. Exchanging a meal with a cabbage salad can help you to reduce weight.


  • Tomato- It is also one of the useful home remedy to prevent obesity. One or two ripe tomatoes in the place of breakfast for time period of about two months, is very healthy and safe way to reduce your fat.


  • Finger millet- It is the most ideal home remedy to lose your fat, as finger millet is slow to digest and carbohydrates takes longer time to get absorbed. Finger millet is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron and many more essential elements which is required by a fit body.

finger millet

  • Papaya- Eating papaya soup instead of dinner for two or three months will the obesity patient to reduce weight.


  • Ginger- Chewing a fresh slice of ginger before taking meals will help in to reduce weight or you can grate a little of ginger and mix it in some lime juice and salt and this will really help you to reduce weight.


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