The Ki Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ka Arjun Kapoor and director R.Balki were in a promotional spree to Delhi for their upcoming romantic cum comedy drama film ‘KI & KA’.


R.Balki’s Ki & Ka revolves around two people with contrasting ideologies, unlike the stereotypical hero, the man here is a progressive house husband who lovingly supports his wife’s ambitions as a go-getting career woman.


“My film doesn’t give a message. Message is something which is received by the audiences. The film has no connection with my real life, this is all imaginary because after all, it is a film and the films are made for entertainment” said Mr. Balki.

When asked about the film, arjun said “Just because a man is running the house doesn’t mean he’ll become the woman. Being a housewife is the toughest job in the world. I wish there is an award given to them for the work they do from sunrise till sunset”


Kareena Kapoor Khan praised her hubby Said and said “He is very co-operative. He always understands me and gives me the freedom to do what I want to.”

“Saif is very impressed with the whole concept of the film. In fact, he is more excited to watch ‘Ki and Ka’ than me” she added.





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