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Katy Perry’s hot new single’s video trailer

Katy Perry, the heart throb ‘Fireworks’ singer released her first single in three years called ‘Rise’, which is also supposed to be the official anthem for 2016 Summer Olympics. The singer has not released the official music video of the song but has put up a ‘trailer’ for the official video, teasing all her fans globally.

In the teaser she is in a rocky desert with a deflated parachute, and emerges out of water gasping for air.

She has always made dramatic music videos for her songs that have touched millions of views in the first few days of the release. This music video is out to reach the same exponential gravity in the hearts of her die-hard fans. The pop sensation’s new video doesn’t have a release date as of now, but it is ought to come out ‘soon’. Check out the mesmerizing trailer below!

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