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Karim Mohammed is the answer to terrorism

Today, while addressing the press conference in Press Club of India, the producer of Karim Mohammed film “Ravindra Singh Rajawat said that our film is being released all over India on August 24th. Yashpal Sharma, who played a major role in the main role, and Yashpal Sharma, while talking, said that today conscience is not talked about and most people avoid it. But talking about the problem of Kashmir, there are many people there who have no information about what they do for their conscience, how much they sacrifice. Karim Mohammad is based on this issue. Yashpal Sharma is playing the role of Karim Mohammed in this movie.Karim Mohammad is a patriot who teaches his children to love the country, Karim Mohammed raises questions against terrorism. Next Yashpal Sharma expressed his thoughts about the Kashmir problem and the Ram temple in the interaction.Yashpal Sharma said that the problem of Ram temple and Kashmir will not settle till ten years from today. This will always remain in the electoral issue. Describing this, Yashpal Sharma ji also said that all these political parties have electoral issues. On this occasion, Yashpal Sharma told the positive story of today’s environment that people do not stop pressing any subject nowadays But we discuss so much that some conclusions should be given to him. It is a good thing to try to reach the root of the root. In the film, he played the role of a person in the Kashmiri Bakarwal community who runs sheep goat.

The film Karim Mohammed is the story of a father who has been kept in the background of Kashmir and terrorism has been directed by Pawan Kumar Sharma and starred in the movie starcast, Harshit Rajawat, Alka Amin, Rajesh like, Ravi Janghoo and Sunil Jogi.

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