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Jazz up your apartment balcony

Balcony is always a special place, because it is our window to the world. It is the place where we can just lay down and look at the stars, spend our lazy sunny Sundays, indulge in gossips and just kill time by looking around. No wonder it needs to be looked after and decorated in a special way too. Here are some creative ideas:

Add some wall gardens
Take the most boring wall and put on some creepers around it and in few weeks the wall will turn into a beautiful piece on nature and will automatically light up your balcony. For a funky look, not just hanging pots, even soft drink cans, old buckets, toy trays and glass and steel jars can be used in planting saplings. Earthen miniatures, bird houses and garden accessories will add a classic look to the decor.

Quirky furniture
if your want to use your balcony for lazing around, reading and relaxing, a comfy ottoman will be a great idea. If you are short of space, go for bean bags or small leather couches.”Including a swing in the balcony is a playful idea. This will definitely swing the aesthetics of your balcony to a higher level.

Trendy décor items
Jazz up your balcony with little décor items. Add some fairy lights, bird cages, wind chimes, some colorful cushions and rugs all this is inexpensive and can be used in multifarious ways. Place some artificial plants in it and hang from the roof, use it as a planter, employ it as a tea light holder or you can also use it as a source of light by placing a colorful bulb amidst some greenery and flowers.

Covered or uncovered, big or small-the balcony is your space where you can spend your ‘me’ time.
Make it your retreat and have a little vacation every now and then.

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