Pooja Juneja, who believes in creating simple yet elegant classic master piece has come up with her new collection of Inspirational Jewellery. Each of her design has an inspiration of nature which can be easily seen in the collection.
Lily Inspired Jewelery by Pooja Juneja
Like the statement neck piece which is inspired from LOTUS flower, has a side round brooch in baguette diamonds, and ruby set in gold, thus giving it the look of a Lotus. Off white Pearls in the necklace are used for piroyi. 
Lotus Inspired Jewelery by Pooja Juneja
Another piece is inspired by lilies plucked from the garden, this contemporary version of classic liners, designed with 3 dimensional flowers is studded with white rounds, baguettes and canary yellow diamonds, that brings out the real blooming hue of the flower, set in gold.
Pooja Juneja, Jewelery Designer (2)
The chandelier inspired earring is a  modular jewelry with detachable solitaire. Made in round and baguette diamonds and blue sapphire, the piece is set in gold.
Her collection translates the classic feminine look of traditional fine jewelry to practical designs for the modern women. Through her use of pearls, color gemstones and, of course, diamonds, Pooja has created a collection that is delicate and sophisticated, but also includes some big, statement-making pieces.


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