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World is going through major changes and it is disrupting everything including businesses. In this struggling period, to explore how every organization can be innovative, Venus Detective recently hosted a workshop at The Hans hotel, New Delhi with a programme that provided actionable practices that can make organizations innovative.
The workshop addressed the needs of business leaders who wrestle with the need to create new products, services and culture drive imaginative use of resources and wish to reinvent business models to accelerate growth.
Akriti Khatri, Founder of Venus detective discussed about how we think, when we don’t and what promotes creativity and what inhibits it.
Akriti is one of the youngest Successful Entrepreneur, crowned as the best Female Investigator based in Delhi NCR.
Many business leaders and developers from challenger businesses who are intent on making their organizations innovative became a part of the event and actively participated in all the activities. The workshop ended with a Q & A session between business leaders and Venus Detective.

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