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I refuse to live under pressure: Hard Kaur

The very famous and talented wrapper Hard Kaur who is best known for songs like ‘Glassy’, ‘Move your Baby’, ‘Chaar Baj Gaye’ had a small chit chat with us. Read out this small conversation with Jyoti.

How Taran Kaur Dhillon became Hard Kaur?

Well, I fell in love with Hiphop at the age of 13. From the moment I heard the sound and watched my first video, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Plus there wasn’t any Indian female rapper, so I wanted to be the first one. I began writing and mastering my art and MC.

You started with ‘move your body’ song to your own album ‘Sherni’. What has changed in the industry till now?

If the industry doesn’t change you should change it yourself. And the only thing that has changed is that the internet is there, so the digital scene is growing crazy fast. I would say it’s going back to the good days. Independent music is on the way up and real talent is coming through because no more does one have to be controlled creatively. The live scene is beginning to make a major come back. I respect & love Bollywood and its in our blood, we’re Indian man. But with Sherni, I finally get to do my music and it represents exactly who I am.


Who is your favorite rapper? 

That list is too long. One of my favorite rappers of all time is KRS-One and Busta Rhymes. 

What music means to you?

Everything. Lyrics that say it is perfect on my behalf. “I walk with funk, I talk with funk, I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk” -Chief Rocka by LOU.

We don’t have any female rappers in Bollywood industry. If I let you to choose any one Bollywood actress, who do you think will be the best rapper?

Rekha ji would be perfect as she has a really sexy tone in her voice.

One thing nobody knows about you.

Then why anybody should know, hehehe. I am a really good cook.


Your favorite travelling destination?

New York

What is the secret behind your bold and beautiful personality?

Lol, there’s no secret. Being who I am I guess. I think too many of us live up to others expectations and waste a lot of time pleasing others and being too fake. It’s tiring and I refuse to live under pressure.

What success means to you?

 To be at peace & when you can afford to create whatever you want.

Anything you haven’t achieved yet or want to achieve?

Again that’s a big list too. I got to still learn & shoot a film, I would love to do culinary training in France & open my restaurant etc etc etc …

What is your ‘mantra for life’?

Live & let live.

Who is your inspiration? 

In life- my mother. Musically- James Brown & many more.

What do you want to suggest upcoming female rappers, if any?

If you got talent then go for it. All you need to do is be disciplined, keep creating & being honest to yourself and your craft.

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