I love the college Audience; they will keep you on your toes: Ayushman Khurana

Ayushman Khurana certainly has some musical part in him and in fact it is supposed that he is back in India after an eight city musical tour of USA. The celeb is busy with some TV shoot, being busy doesn’t flattered his energy. After celebrating his birthday recently, he orated with a daily newspaper about the music. He talked about the importance of youth touch or youth connection and how he keeps reinventing himself. So does he believe in versatility? “One must have to be good at whatever one does, at the same time one has to renovate itself with time. I always did that, when I started I was a radio presenter and then evolved to television presenter. No one even knew that I could sing also, so I became an actor and singer. I think one should have to invent itself in every five years or in every film.”

Talking about his band that is Ayushman Bhava will be busy in the end of the year as their will be many college festivals at that time. I love the college going audience they are hardest to please. It is excellent having a youth connect. If you will do god they will let you know without being bias. They will make you grounded and will keep you on your toes. When you shoot a movie it will take time to get movie released and wait for audience reaction but on the other hand a live response is something which is something unbeaten.

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