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Homely remedies for tooth ache

  1. The traditional clove- Eugenol is the basic chemical which is found in the clove. Clove is used as whole or can be powdered which can be apply to the tooth or one can simply chew the clove which lead to release of oil that will provide great heal to the aching tooth.
  2. Salt water swishing- Hot water with dissolvent of salt in it can help a lot in finding relief from aching tooth. It acts as an antiseptic and swishing it for 30 seconds without spiting it out helps in remove debris that stuck around the infected tooth. One can repeat this treatment many times as it does not have any side effects.
  3. Icy relief- Some ice cubes packed in a plastic bag and wrapped in thin piece of cloth numbs the annoying tooth. Using ice as your healer is beneficial when you have ache due to swelling. As cool ice numbs the swelled are and will give you a great relief.
  4. Garlic-This easily found item can heal the worst toothaches ever. Crushed garlic mixed with common salt with adding black pepper in it can straightly to the affected tooth. Some cloves of garlic can be chewed which release oil that will cure the pain. It should kept in mind that garlic clove should be crushed and not be cut as only crushed garlic clove will release oil.

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