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Have a better skin: For men


Have a better skin: For men


If you can’t find the time to do anything else – cleansing your skin is a compulsion! Cleansing is just a fancy word used in the place of washing your face. A man should be doing it every morning and before bedtime. Just because the dirt and grime are not visible on your skin, doesn’t mean that your skin is clean. Think about what you experience on a daily basis:  car exhaust, pollution, cigarette smoke, even the dust particles present in the air. All of these can land on your skin and may cause damage so they should be washed properly.


 If you really want to make your skin look and feel different the next step is for you is exfoliation. This process helps in removing the dead skin cells from the surface and lets the new skin cells beneath come out. Take a scrub a few swipes on the skin and it will be smooth as ever. Exfoliation is a natural process but it slows down as we get older so we need to make efforts for helping it.



Moisturising makes a very big difference in the condition of a man’s skin. Some men need moisturiser even more than women do. This is because when men shave their faces and scrape that razor across their skin, the necessary oil is also removed with the facial hair. Then some alcohol-based aftershave lotion that burns the skin is applied. The alcohol then further dehydrates the skin. This is the reason why a man’s skin needs more moisture than some women.



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