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Guru Randhawa’s New Music Video is Out on Youtube


One of the most famous punjabi singers in the Bollywood scene right now, Guru Randhawa realesed his new single “High Rated Gabru” on Youtube on 6th July 2017. So for the promotion of his show, Guru was seen in a press conference in New Delhi.

The song is a peppy, upbeat and a typical punjabi song with catchy lyrics and foot thumping beats. Shot in a beautiful foreign location, it is a feast to the eyes.

Guru stars in the video with a sizzling hot girl and an even hotter car, standing true to the punjabi standards. It has only been a day since the official release of the song on youtube and the video has already hit 5.5 Million views.

On being asked about his journey, Guru said that a lot of hard work went in. He was positive about a career in music from a very young age. He sang in his school and college. He has been writing songs since a very long time and some of the songs we hear these days were written a long time back. He follows his heart when it comes to writing songs and writes about what first comes to his mind.  He has faced hardships and rejections from record labels but his fans always stood by his side and he was never rejected by the audience.

He believes his songs have a different and unique feel because he writes them himself. He doesn’t want to lose that essence and thus, does not believe in remaking old songs. He wants to proudly say that his songs are his own, like Suit, Patola and others.

The singer earned a entry into the bollywood with his most famous song “Suit”. Talking about the influence of bollywood, Guru mentioned that the song gets a wider reach as bollywood actors have fans in all parts of the nation and thus the song finds a better reach which not restricted to punjabi speaking parts of the nation only.

On being asked who would he love to cast in his video, if it were possible, he said he would want Sonam Kapoor to star in his music video. Guru also showed a keen interest in joining the film industry but he believes that he first needs to learn in order to give his hundred percent.

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