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Great playback singer Mubarak Begum died

One of the fabled singer Mubarak Begum died after her elongate illness, she tooked her last breath at her residence in suburban jogeshwari(Mumbai). She was of 80 years old.  “Mubarak Begum is no more with us. She passed away today at 9:30pm at her residence in Jogeshwari. She was unwell since quite some time,” indicated by one of the family member.

Mubarak Begum was born in Rajasthan and moved to Mumbai at the age of ten. Amid her likeable memories is singing “Woh na aayenge palat kar” from Devdas which released in 1955 starring Vijayantamala and Dileep kumar.

She will remember for singing scores of songs, ghazals and duets for bollywood, mainly during the years of 1950’s to 1970’s. Begum also sang one of the evergreen song “Kabhi tanhaiyon mein hamari yaad ayegi” from the movie “Hamari Yaad Aayegi”. She was not well from last few years.

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