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Going for beach vacations? Always remember these points

Beach vacations are always delightful and enjoyable no matter whether you are going with your friends or family. But there are some key points you need to know before you head towards your destination.

Pack less clothes- You don’t need to carry many clothes for beach vacations as you can repeat the same clothes again and again by mismatching with other pair of clothing wear.

Do not carry much accessories- You can get enough of accessories at the beach. So carrying extra accessories would be like killing your own packing space.

Carry a baby powder- It might sound weird to you but baby powder is very much helpful for these kind of vacations. It helps you to get rid of the sand particles that get stick to your body or feet.

Carry spray bottle filled with vinegar- Pack a small spray bottle filled with vinegar in your beach bag. Vinegar takes the sting out if anyone gets stung by a jellyfish.

Try to get the best room- Every hotel offers special rooms which offers the best sea view. Try to get that room by mentioning that you are on a special trip.

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