Give a metallic touch to your tattoos

You all must have played with colorful glitter pens, once in your lifetime, for making some kind of stuffs or tattoos on your body parts. But, very few of you have ever thought of painting your body with metallic colors as tattoos. Metallic tattoos are cool and fashionable trend to go with. It looks different and gives a modish version to your personality. These tattoos are also called flash tattoos because they are not permanent but remain on your body parts for a longer period of time if cared properly. Metallic tattoos are safe and non-toxic for anyone. It is generally of gold and silver color.


metallic-tattoos-flora-gold                           body tattoo

These tattoos can also be used as a perfect accessory if you don’t want to carry the burden of things like- bangles, neck pieces, anklets and so on.


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