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Fusion meets fashion

Just like a painting,, fashion also plays a main role in the fusion of different cultures and influences. Eastern and Western cultures have become an important part in the Fashion trends of today. These two are combined in the fashion industry in many ways.

On   6th July the women’s club organized Madhur Milan exhibition. An exclusive platform for the upcoming fashion designers to exhibit their talent and skill.
This exhibition was organized on the occasion of Teej which attracted a huge number of female audiences.
This event was based on the fusion clothing lines designed for the latest fashion trends. More than 200 stalls of different brands and designers displayed their beautiful work for the visitors. From kids section to wedding outfits, every garment had a hint of fusion, bright colors and abstract prints made the exhibition look so interesting and attractive.
Numerous namely designers had their dresses on display.
One of the most attractive stall was of AZURA, owned by Raunika Kalra, an upcoming fashionista who displayed her beautiful work of clothing and fusion accessories in the exhibition.
She mixed matched different fabrics and patterns to give her designs an edge of uniqueness.
Some of the elements had the Boho Chic look which can be represented as a western influence on eastern culture; it embraces a unique style where you can appreciate the fusion of both worlds with the modern and contemporary side of the western fashion and just a hint of eastern flair in the jewels and beading and on the other hand, the garments were completely sleek and classy. |

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