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Fashion trends; Rollin’ back to the 90s

We absolutely love the fashion trend of summer 2016, where fashion statements are changing drastically since the last year. This year we have seen new collection in stores making all the girls go gaga over the ‘must-haves’ for your wardrobe this summer. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the wisdom of styles this season, as we are going to take a step back and pull out the time machine to roll back to the 1990s. They say, history repeats itself, and it sure as hell does, with everything that we girls saw our big sisters or seniors from school wear during that time period, is back for us.

1. Chokers or collars

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Chokers are a close fitted necklaces usually made of velvet, leather, metal or beads, and were very popular among the girls during the 1990s, and it is seen for these to resurface fashion trend in 2016 with immense popularity over the internet.




2. Off-Shoulder tops and dresses

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The revival of the 1990s fashion brought back the off-shoulder tops and dresses with an enormous appreciation for its feminine outlook on women. This piece of clothing looks beautiful on women of any age, with its adoring comeback.




3. Bell-Bottoms

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Bell bottoms of wide legged pants are the trousers that widen from the knees downward that forms a bell-like shape at the end. In the 1990s, women introduced with these pants followed this clothing with the name “boot-cut”, with flared jeans also seeking its presence during that time. However, these pants started to fade away as the dominance of skinny pants/jeans took over after 2006. But now, we can see these pants to come back in 2016 available at popular brands and stores.


4. High-waist jeans/pants


Or also known as high-rise trousers were very popular among the girls back in 1990s which was designed to sit high above on the hips and above the navel. With the dominance of ‘hip-hop’ culture, teenagers were inspired by saggy or low-rise jeans and trousers. However, today in 2016 you can see its comeback and favoured by many fashionistas, usually followed by a crop top.



5. Teashades

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Also called the round sunglasses or “John Lennon glasses” were so popular among the people back in 1980s and 1990s and every individual would own at least one, mostly because of its popularity associated with its fashion statement made by ‘The Beatles’. Today, you can find teashades crawling back its way in 2016, enhancing the fashion trend.


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