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Fashion statements made at the DNC 2016

The Democratic National Convention held at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, US, from 25th to 28th July 2016 didn’t only have politicians present for an innovative experience in engaging Americans at the convention this year, but many activists and Hollywood’s popular actors and actresses were seen delivering powerful speeches. Their speeches and the impact they made is all over the internet but we are going to throw limelight at the outfits these A-list celebrities carried out at the convention.

Sarah Silverman


The American standup comedian, writer and actress who usually addresses topics like racism, sexism, and religion through her comedies, kept it simple and sleek at the DNC wearing an elegant black blouse and an uplift bun on her head.

Demi Lovato


The sensational Disney actress wore Dior’s Pink turtleneck mini dress that had light studs on the top, and looked glamorous while giving her speech and performance.

Eva Longoria 


The ageless beauty Eva Longoria who played several roles in Hollywood and Television, turned activist and businesswoman wore a white printed pencil dress from her very own ‘Eva Longoria Collection from the limited’. She teamed the dress up with beige heels and looked beautiful as always.

Michelle Obama


How can we miss out on highlighting the most popular First Lady of America, who looked stunning in her royal blue dress and her smooth curls? She stole the show with not only her iconic speech but her sense of styling as well!

Meryl Streep

DEM 2016 Convention

America’s very own versatile actress wore the American Flag dress that has been making appearances at the Red Carpet since a decade. The ‘Mamamia’ actress had the ensemble fit her perfectly during the DNC!

Alicia Keys


‘Empire State of Mind’ singer pulled off her style of long loopy earrings, oversized velvet jacket and her strong curls at her performance and stole the hearts of the people present with her powerful singing!

Kristen Bell


The American actress and singer wore a black and white ruffled dress with her short blonde hair, and looked an absolute heartthrob. Her light make up and blue eyes must have awestruck many of her fans at the convention.

Hillary Clinton


The lady of the hour and one of the most influential candidates America has ever seen wore a navy blue buttoned suit and kicked some competition not only through her speech but with her powerful ensemble as well!

Chloe Moretz


The youngest speaker at the convention stunned America with her chic yet intense black suit. The actress looked neat and sophisticated at the event with a simple neck piece and gorgeous blonde hair.

Katy Perry


The sensational ‘teenage dream’ pop singer wore a sparkling striped Micheal Kors dress for her performance at Democratic Convention. The artist carried her brunette locks and her charming smile during the gathering. She as hell was a showstopper!

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