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People and page supervisors on Facebook will now be able to telecast up to four hours of video with Facebook Live – in dual fullscreen and video-only mode. As for now, the live video telecasts were restricted to two hours only when it was earlier launched last year. These alternatives are deliberated to satisfy both the creator and the user and are all set to be liberated more widely in the forthcoming weeks.

Users will now be able to go on Live in fullscreen, defining that if you’re doing so on an iOS device, it will take place on full screen both in portrait and landscape mode. As earlier this only supported the portrait mode but for now people will easily go for the landscape mode too. Last month, Facebook created testing its offline video characteristic in India through the Facebook version 85 and 86 (beta) for Android. The trait for now let the users to save the videos in the ‘Saved’ segment inside the applet itself. This all can be done by spilling on the ‘Save video’ choice from the drop menu down menu in the specific post. However, at the present people can easily save the articles and video links on the Facebook that will not work in the case if the user is offline.


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