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Enjoy this Christmas and New Year with Mughalnama’s Authentic Mughlai Cuisines

It’s that time of the year again! Winter is here and so is Christmas and New Year. Party on your mind? What better way to have an amazing party than binge eating some finger licking classic and kosher Mughlai cuisines perfect for winters. Mughalnama is here with an elaborate range of scrumptious mouthwatering food especially curated for this winter season ready to be delivered right at your doorstep.


Famous for its authentic Mughlai cuisine, Mughalnama caters its delicious food for all occasions, ceremonies, and events. Their intricate menu and startling presentation make them stand out and take the guests back to the Mughal era. With a team of extremely talented and experienced chefs, who not only comes from the background of Mughal teachings but also master the art of tantalizing the taste buds of the patrons with pure Mughlai cuisine. The team includes award-winning chefs and visionary management who ensures that quality is the top priority and they procure the ingredients from the best of places. 


Pertaining to winters, the consumption level of food increases and also the digestion improves. The quality of chicken is considered to be better in winters than in summers hence enriching the taste of the Mughlai cuisine. Mughalnama is also offering the appetizing Barbeque on the Wheels to enhance the food experience. Though barbeque in winters sounds generic, what makes Mughalnama stand out is the authenticity of taste and choice of the dishes that completely compliment the weather.

This party season, the epicures can treat their taste buds with some classic cuisines such as Shabdeg– an authentic Kashmiri dish; Shalgam Gosht-a classic Indian preparation made from Mutton and Turnips; Zarda Pulao– also known as ‘Meethe Chawl’, this is loaded with Desi Ghee and Dry Fruits; Walnut Halwa– a dessert made with chopped Walnut, Khoya and Semolina, especially curated for the winters. From appetizers to desserts they have got it all covered. Each dish is exotic, made with pure Desi Ghee and home ground spices. Mughalnama and its management thrive to carry forward the passion and authentic ‘PuraniDilli’ taste to develop a niche of the finest cuisines catering across the globe.

The authentic Mughlai platter is not just a plethora of recipes but it’s an art in the way this food is prepared and served. Mughalnama specializes in this genre and proves that they are the perfectionist in the field.The skilled chefs create customized menus and exotic preparations on the spot, giving the patron a world-class experience. 

Enjoy a blend of Mughlai cuisine with bold flavors packed with rich aroma. A big party calls for more food so pay per kg and not per plate with this light on the pocket offer by Mughalnama. They offer free home delivery. Start ordering from the delectable Mughlai menu.

Happy Hogging!

Date: Till 31st Dec 2017


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