Enchanted Garden by shazé

The delicate iridescence of flowers, the delightful glory of the evergreen leaves, the nature is complete with muses for
designers of modern jewellery. Laburnum, Jasmine or Rose – the enchanting appeal of these flowers could never fade.
Whether a significant budge to the artistic soul or an inspiration for the creative mind, nature’s beauties are incomparable.
shazé brings forth a collection, inspired by the beauty of the gardens, for the women who love to flaunt their unique and
free spirits. The collection is a royal rhapsody of metallic hues and cubic zirconia aesthetics with a contemporary perspective. Inspired by the flawless silhouettes and enchanting colours of fresh flowers, the jewellery has been finished in gold, silver
and rose-gold accents. Using intricate floral work, delicate leaf motifs and life-inspired designs, the shazé Enchanted
Garden jewellery celebrates exotic new forms in the world of fashion.
Giving a fresh twist to the ever-loved rings or adding shimmer to the face, this reincarnation of classic ornaments have the penchant to bring elegance, grace and femininity. Steal the show with the trendy adornments designed to entice your wrists.
Get the perfect look with the shazé creations that brush your collar bone with glitzy floral elegance. The pristine but bold statement-making floral pieces in the range are designed to add an element of mystique and highlight the hidden diva within
your persona. Easy on bling and high on style quotient, the floral-charm inspired pieces bring fragrance to sweet nothings whispered through your attire.
Price: Rs. 2,160 On-Wards
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