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Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy and Stay healthy: Dietician Sheela Seharawat

Sheela Seharawat is a renowned dietician and awardee of ‘best dietician in Gurgaon’ and ‘best slimming centre in Chandigarh’. She is serving people for over 10 years with various weight loss techniques. Let’s take a tour to her journey till now.

1 . Tell me about yourself.

I did Bsc from Hisar Agricultural University then pursued PG in dietetics from Pusa Institute, New Delhi. Afterwards, I underwent training in Army Hospital, Dhaula Kuan.

2. Why did you thought of pursuing your career in this field only?

 You can say it was my passion. Actually, I wanted to go in medical side so if not MBBS then why not a dietician.

3. You worked as a dietician in Army hospital, then why did you thought of opening your own diet clinic?

If you are working in a hospital, there is only one standardized chart to prescribe. You can not manipulate or make extra changes. You just have to do what the doctors are saying. But, I always wanted to do something different where I can feel that I am the owner and I can do whatever I want to do on my own. I don’t want to work in a restricted area. In diet clinic, I am free to treat patients according to my will and requirement of the patients.

  • I remember a case approx two months back, she was a patient of arthritis and doctors had prescribed her to go for knee replacement surgery. I told her that just give me 3-4 months before you go for the surgery. You won’t believe but she lost 20 kg in just three months. She is completely fine now without the tension of replacing her knees.

4. What interests you most about health and nutrition?

 Look, interest is not only about weight loss. I am a social person and I love to interact with people. The positive response that I get from others is wonderful thing that you can say. We are helping qualitative people in terms of health and other medical points. We have many patients suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and doctors have raised their hands for curing it completely. But, once they started my diet plans they became happy with the results. Basically, diet is one of the most important thing along with medicines (if prescribed) that can cure your sugar and Blood pressure too.

5. As we see, only a particular section of the society follows diet chart. So, is there any proper chart that can easily be followed by middle class and lower middle class people?

Definitely, some sections do not get that attention may be they are not aware about the proper diet. We suggest them that they should include the basic five food stuffs in their daily diet. Like- include 1 or 2 fruits, 1 or 2 cereals either rice or chapattis or both. For anti-oxidant, you have to keep in mind about fruits and vegetables. One should also include fiber products because it helps to maintain the bowl movement. It will be easier for them to get nutrients if they do not remove cucumber rinds and flour’s bran.

6. How a proper diet helps in maintaining inner and outer beauty of a person?

Diet helps to maintain the inner beauty as we know that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So if we eat healthy, we feel healthy. When it comes to outer beauty, if you look fatty, you borrow mental stress, low confidence and hesitate to go outside. We have some ladies whose children hesitate to take them for parents-teacher meeting just because they look fat, which is not good at all

7. Anything you would like to suggest our readers?

– For them, there is only one thing- ‘eat healthy, feel healthy and stay healthy’.

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