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A mischievous gaming app namely Pokemon Go Ultimate, the first “lockscreen” applet has made its path onto the Google play store, said ESET software security company. Earlier the app was not installed as the Pokemon Go but as ‘PI Network’, news published in Fortune revealed. Anyone who ran that applet would find your phone completely hanged, cracking it to restart the phone by removing the battery. As soon as the rebooting done the app usually disappears from the phone but continued running in the back causing fake ad clicks.

The Pokemon Go app is acquires Global Positioning System (GPS) abilities of the device in synchronicity with Google Maps to locate virtual creatures in the real world places, which usually tries to discover using your device as a guide. To place the creature, you probably need a device’s camera to see the creature and seek to seize it then. ESET speckled several other apps that include Install Pokémon Go and guide and cheats. Though many apps spotted by ESET that have been cleared from the Google Play Store, a search revealed many apps named with contrast on Pokemon Go.

The applet however has been dragged off from the Goggle Play, ESET revealed. The Pokemon Go is accessible on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store in the US, Japan and Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Britain and Germany and is forthcoming soon to India, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.


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