Dr. Eswari Paramasivam is a Singapore based Psychologist

Dr. Eswari Paramasivam is a Singapore based Psychologist and Entrepreneur working on a New Reality Show on Psychology and Relationship Issues.  Here are  the excerpts of her Interview.


  1. Please tell us about your background.

Psychology has always my interest since young and I have worked hard to major in it during my university time. Adapting to London, same time understanding the ethics abiding by them was tough but made it.
Been in educational field for years now. Waiting for the right time to take up additional knowledge in family therapy and neuropsychology. Meanwhile, I want to help people ‘out there’

  1. How was your experience in Psychology and what kind of initiatives you have taken in the past.

Academic psychology differs when we come put to real world. Self-help psychology will only help if individuals are willing to do it but most times they need a pushing hand or helping hand for a ‘bit’.Why need theories to help people?
Personally I believe in gaining powerful insights about the problems and solving them. Listen to what they are saying

  1. What kind of a show it is and how did you come with the idea.

Its nothing unique or robust about it. A Show that is simple yet powerful enough to change someone’s life, where everybodys on board and take home something that they learned want to make a change. The most important is they must be willing to take it home n take action on them.

  1. According to a report, people world over are having relationship and psychological issues. Whats your take on it and what can be done.

It depends how our world is revolving around us. Problems comes in all shapes and sizes, everybody has them. And sometimes you have them over and over and over again. Individuals make of their owb partners’ internal psychological world and frequently make little bids for partners attention. Most times couples themselves do not know how tl strengthen their relationships. A ‘medium’ is needed for their help and this is what the show is all about. A medium who can be of a help to in turn help them know themselves better.

  1. Have you done any research or any breakthrough on relationship issues.

Academic research has been always in educational field but a keen interest to further engage in family therapy and neuropsychology. On personal level, yes, lots of experience in solving issues.

  1. The world over, people are having stress due to relationship and domestic issues. What can be done to resolve the problems?

When problem solving everyday issues becomes a tug-of-war over whos right and whos wrong, then settling even the smallest of discussions becomes a battle. A best alternative is what I believe is the win-win situation, toss information back and forth, we have a ‘alright’ moment and we come up with solutions that work very well for both of them. People, who learn to solve problems constructively together, cut their risk for stress free related problems.

  1. What are the other things you are working on

At current I am an entrepreneur. Managing business with everyday development.  In the process of diversifying into therapies and special needs and working on the show.

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