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Do’s and Don’ts Of Blood Group Related Diet

It sounds strange. Isn’t it? But, in reality if you have to lead a balance and disease-free life then you must choose an optimal diet. But the question is what this optimal diet is!

You must have read about the formation of blood and type of blood groups. But, you don’t bother to know about the diet that is preferable according to the blood type. Just imagine, you are taking a proper diet but still getting health issues like indigestion, slower metabolism and many more.  Blood is the carrier of nutrients and oxygen inside the body. In general, we have four categories of blood i.e; O, A, B and AB.  Let’s find out what suits you according to your blood group.

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It is rarest of the rare blood type. Those belonging to this group are considered as the universal donor. They have a hard digestive system and intolerant towards environment and dietary adaptations. They are recommended to eat a high protein and low carbohydrate diet.

Foods/Drinks to eat Foods/Drinks to avoid
Meat, Fish, spinach, broccoli, onions, garlic, pumpkin, seafood, rice, banana, cucumber, carrot ,plums, wine, green tea, seltzer water Egg, bread, beans, beef, potatoes, kidney beans, coconut, soybean, avocado, orange, cashew, mushroom, coffee, black tea


They have a sensitive digestive system and require more of the vegetarian or agricultural products.

Foods/Drinks to eat Foods/Drinks to avoid
Berries, plums, apples, avocado, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, rice, barley, corn, coffee, green tea, red wine Cashew, beans, mango, banana, orange, cabbage, tomato, potato, seltzer water, beer, cola drinks, black tea


They have a good digestive system and it’s good to say them as omnivorous.

Foods/Drinks to eat Foods/Drinks to avoid
Mutton, fish, cow milk, butter, cheese, wine beer, seltzer water, egg, broccoli, cabbage, potato, mushroom, capsicum Wheat, chicken, ice cream, pomegranate, coconut, radish, tomato, avocado, pumpkin, soda, cola diets


A blood group which is found in less than 5% of the total population. It is better for AB group  to prefer a mixed diet. It will help them to maintain their health.

Foods/Drinks to eat Foods/Drinks to avoid
Pineapple, cherry, grapes, watermelon, beet, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potato, green tea Red meat, kidney beans, corn, radish, soda, black tea, coffee

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