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Day 3 Show 6 Amazon Fashion Week in association with NEXA.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

Inspired by the Nexa palette of Black White and Chrome, the collection is architectural in its shape and form and is a play of opposites.  Black and white, hard and soft, transparent and opaque, hi-tech with handloom and manmade with natural are all juxtaposed to create a harmony.  Structured shoulders, athleisure pants, a graphic interplay of stripes and prints, the collection questions boundaries and experiments with new and interesting materials and silhouettes.  Handmade steel sneakers and Indie eyes complete the look.

nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-11 nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-12

nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-13 nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-14

nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-15 nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-17

nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-19 nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-20 nexa-presents-rajesh-pratap-singh-s-collection-at-aifw-ss-18-21

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