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Gadgets are supposed to ease our work. Scientists have gone a level higher in visualising and experimenting things and this is the result we are seeing so many innovative gadgets around us. Look at some of these very useful gadgets from CES 2017.

Sleep Number 360 smart bed

Just imagine, how interesting it would be if your bed starts reading your mind or senses out your problem. Yes, this is possible now with Sleep Number 360 smart bed. This smart bed senses your movement and then automatically adjusts firmness and your comfort. Suppose if you got cold feet, it turns heat at the bottom of your bed to keep your warm. Not only this, if someone is snoring and you just feel helpless, it raises your head to reduce volume.


Intel’s Credit Card-Sized Computer

Intel has designed a mini-computer that can be easily inserted into smart devices. It is just the size of a credit card and includes the same features of a standard sized computer like- a processor, memory, storage device and wireless tech. the idea behind introducing this device is to make upgrading gadgets that can easily be swapped out from one component to another. It also prevents the need to buy an entirely new system.


Hello Egg

The name might sound weird to you but Hello Egg has been designed to work as an assistant which can modify your work in kitchen. It is a voice operated machine with multiple features. Its speciality includes- reading news, giving weather forecasts, telling recipes and that too step-by-step. Hello Egg is a chargeable machine which works on your command. Suppose you have a make a recipe, you simply go to YouTube channel and see a variety of options to choose from but by giving just a simple command, this machine will tell you each and every thing in details which is quite interesting.


Hydrao smart showerhead

Hydrao is a Bluetooth enabled showerhead developed by a French company Smart and Blue. It has in-built LED lights which changes color from green to purple and then to red to remind about the consumption of water. It is mainly designed to help users monitor and reduce the water consumption during shower. Hydrao allows users to adjust the amount of water with the help of Hydrao’s mobile app.


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