“COLORS OF SOUL” a solo art exhibition of Manisha Pandey Mishra presented by ELEGANCY of COLORS When: 10th April 2016 – 16th April2016

Colors of Soul is my 3rd Solo Exhibition, apart from my participation in numerous National & International Group Exhibitions. This is a different display of my works, in a sense that here I am displaying my journey so far in the field of Art through 35-40 Art works in 3 different mediums. I am thankful to “Shri. Shambhu Nath Goswami ji” curator of the show and Elegancy of Colors for planning this show in the current format. Elegancy of Colors has always been a source of great platform for all kinds of artists, big and small.


The show has got three segments, one of which is of realistic paintings portraying female faces and emotions, all of them  done on glass medium using oil colors. In a marked departure from this form, the second segment has got totally a different flavour, where I am displaying my works in a more traditional manner & in a colorful folk art form – “Madhubani from the land of Mithilanchal”. In the third segment, I used my learning gained from many eminent artists to create something of my own. It is the confidence given by these senior artists that I could muster courage to enter into the field of contemporary art using Madhubani Art form as the foundation of my work.


While working on Madhubani paintings, I was always subordinate to a constant desire in my heart to express the tribulation faced by habitants in Mithilanchal Area in the present time. In this segment most of the paintings are based on the ordeal faced by the living beings due to havoc played by Kosi River in Bihar. As an optimist, I believe in the spirit of life that prevails over all fury and moves on, despite of all odds. In all the progress, I tried to express in my paintings, people’s deep-rooted connection to spirituality and our rich cultural heritage.

While I work, it is nothing short of a pilgrimage and spiritual moment for me which guides me to develop my work on the canvas. Though I started painting a little late, but this belief has always get me going – “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”.


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