Colorful dialogues by kadar Khan

we didn’t just lose a 81 year old great human being but also an actor, screenwriter, comedian , director and professor – kadar Khan due to long illness.

Afghan born Indian-Canadian actor who was a professor of civil engineering in M.H Saboo siddik college of engineering, Mumbai, before he stepped in film industry in early 1970’s with his debut film daag. He did over 300 films, 200 dialogues and directed some amazing bollywood movies like coolie, Amar Akbar Anthony etc.
Though we’ll always remember all his amazing roles, here are some of his colorful dialogues which will never fail to make us laugh, smile or sometimes cry!

Hiralal giving a great advise – always mix whiskey with whiskey!

Advice for a happy life by baba fakir darvesh –

Take tips from kadar Bhai on your love life!

We all have been in this place Raman -_-

Mr singhania…

These words by Gangaram Verna are gem !

You will never be able to hide from kanoon

Master chaban is all in mood for ek katra sharaab !

General Rana pratap singh is in no mood for discrimination !

Kadar Khan was known with many different but was and will always be remembered as an amazing and very talented human being.

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